• نظر به نوسان قابل ملاحظه بازار تجهیزات پزشکی (دندان پزشکی، پزشکی-بیمارستانی) و در برخی موارد نیاز به استعلام روزانه قیمت های این بازار، شرکت فن سلامت جهان ویرا، سایت حاضر را با قابلیت ارائه پیش فاکتور با تاخیر 24 ساعته از شرکت های تولیدکننده و واردکننده برای خریداران فراهم کرده است. 

    Chem Lab

    Chem Lab

    Right from the beginning in 1993 Chem-Lab has been specialized in the production of tailor made reagents. We manufacture custom made solvent mixtures, acid mixtures, buffer solutions, organic and inorganic standards...

    From 1ml to several tons Chem-Lab can manufacture your custom made solutions according to your specifications.

    We cannot only manufacture custom made solutions but also tailor your packing requirements between 1ml and 1000l IBC containers.

    In “Documents” you can find fill-in forms to request a quote for your custom made mixtures.

    All solutions are manufactured in our ISO certified production facility and delivered with certificate of analysis.