• نظر به نوسان قابل ملاحظه بازار تجهیزات پزشکی (دندان پزشکی، پزشکی-بیمارستانی) و در برخی موارد نیاز به استعلام روزانه قیمت های این بازار، شرکت فن سلامت جهان ویرا، سایت حاضر را با قابلیت ارائه پیش فاکتور با تاخیر 24 ساعته از شرکت های تولیدکننده و واردکننده برای خریداران فراهم کرده است. 



    MISSION STATEMENT: Universal Dental’s sophisticated philosophy is to revolutionize modern dentistry from an innovative, forward-thinking viewpoint towards superior patient care. We are here to provide proficient, kindhearted, and understandable services from an expert dental perspective; this is achievable through customized treatment, supported by evidence-based dentistry, informed science, and cutting-edge technology, while making our patient's individual needs our priority.

    As a member of the American Dental Association, our doctors thrive for excellence by utilizing a wide spectrum point-of-view in terms of diagnostics from our electronic network. We here at Universal Dental have multiple robust and high-minded staff members that partake in an idealistic understanding on professional patient care.